Garden Tractor Pulling

The Western Michigan Old Engine Club sanctions garden tractor pulling for both dead weight sled and transfer sled.  Admission for  spectators is free of charge.  Driver entry fees are listed in the rules.  Events typically last 4 hours depending on the number of participants, track and weather conditions.  Participation is open to anyone however participants must be a member of the W.M.O.E.C.  For event details click on the link to the Pulling Rules.

All pulls will be held at the Western Michigan Old Engine Show grounds. 

Registration will open at least one hour prior to the start of the pull.  All participants must be registered before the start of their class.

2020 Garden Tractor Dead Boat Pull Schedule
Date Start Time
April-20 10:00 AM
May-20 10:00 AM
June-20 10:00 AM
July-20 10:00 AM
August-20 10:00 AM
September-20 10:00 AM
October-20 10:00 AM
2020 Garden Tractor Transfer Sled Pull Schedule
Date Start Time
April-20 1:00 PM
May-20 1:00 PM
June-20 1:00 PM
July-20 1:00 PM
August 15 @ the Western MI Fair 12:00 PM
August 22 @ the Oceana Co. Fair 12:00 PM
September-20 1:00 PM
October-20 1:00 PM

Dead Boat Sled Rules

Dead Boat Sled Points Scoring Guidelines

Garden Tractor Transfer Sled Pulling Rules

Transfer Sled Points Scoring Guidelines